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Depth of Mercy

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Red Mountain Church is a small church in Southside, Birmingham. For the most part we sing hymns, many written to new tunes. There is a growing movement of setting old songs to new music (thanks in large part to RUF’s all over the country). We are honored to be a part of a movement that is causing many lost hymns to be sung once again, and which is causing more and more people to fall in love with hymns for the first time. As for the songs on this cd, several of the tunes are new, and are being introduced for the first time. Some of them are relatively new, and to our knowledge have not yet been recorded. Two songs are written (text and music) by people who are still alive today. We have included them in this recording because the text of these songs is laced with poetry found usually only in hymns. Included on this cd are two hymns where the music has not been changed. How beautiful it is when a melody can stand the test of time! Our hope and prayer is that Christians would write hymns again, and that Christians would continue to fall in love with one of our most treasured pastimes. The title for our cd, “Depth of Mercy” comes from one of our favorite songs. Our hope is that Christ continues to pour out His mercy over us every day of our lives. Our hope is that these songs will allow Christians to worship and experience God’s love as the truth of His gospel is continually and articulately proclaimed. We hope you love this music as much as we do.

Grace and Peace from Red Mountain Church.
Brian T. Murphy
Red Mountain Music


  1. Pass Me Not, O Gentle Savior
  2. Jesus, Lover of My Soul
  3. Depth of Mercy
  4. Narrow Little Road
  5. Wedding Dress
  6. Jesus Cast a Look on Me
  7. Seven
  8. He Rescued Me
  9. My Jesus, I Love Thee
  10. Satisfied
  11. Jesus, Thou Joy of Loving Hearts
  12. There is a Fountain Filled with Blood
  13. Thirteen



“One of the best “re-workings” of older hymns we've heard. There is a simplicity and “pureness” in the arrangement and performance of these great hymns that we find refreshing – especially in an age of high-tech music production. The performances are excellent all around . . . A wonderful blend of the past and the present. Here we have “old wine” fitting quite comfortably in “new wine skins.” If you love the beauty and depth of the old hymns you’ll not be disappointed in this humble effort from Red Mountain Church.”
- The Discerning Reader

“... let me also recommend two CD’s. One is ´For all the Saints´ by Indelible Grace ($12). The other is ´Depth of Mercy´ by the Red Mountain Church in Birmingham ($12). Why do I recommend CD’s before I even get to the books? At least three reasons. First, the theology found in the words is simply astonishing (oft-times better than the books). Second, this will help you to know and sing well the songs we play at RUF. But third and most important, singing and listening to songs help the truths of the gospel to come all the way home... to the heart. The goal in Christianity is not information but transformation of the heart (although transformation cannot come without information). Hearing, responding to and singing this great music/poetry allows the wonder of it all to seep into our spiritual pores. ´Take up and listen.´ ”
- Reformed University Fellowship - Alabama

“Thanks so much for sending the copies of Red Mountain’s CDs, ´Heaven´ and ´Depth of Mercy´! I've been listening to snippets on both of them since I received them in the mail, and I finished this evening. I’m very impressed. They are winsome, unpredictable, refreshingly ´off-center.´ Frankly, it is rare that I listen to an album and hear truly creative, original work. I heard it here. Thanks.”
Sally Morgenthaler
Sacramentis.com and Digital Glass Productions


Brian Barrett: bass
Lori Cheng: cello
Chris Copeland: guitar
Robbie Cureton: drums
Patrick Darby: trumpet
Karl Digerness: guitar, vocals
Joseph Digerness: upright bass
Mollie Garrigan: vocals
Michael Glaser: drums
Geoff Irwin: bass
Chip Kilpatrick: drums
Jeff Koonce: guitar
Josh Meredith: violin
Hugh Mitchell: vocals
Corey Nolen: vocals
Brian T. Murphy: piano, keyboards
Tim Pitzer: guitar, mandolin
Connie Skellie: vocals
Stokes Skellie: vocals
Andrew Spear: guitar
Ashley Spurling: vocals
Clint Wells: electric & acoustic guitars
Zac Young: drums

Depth of Mercy was recorded by Brian T. Murphy at Red Mountain Studios, May - October 2003
Produced by Brian T. Murphy and Paul R. Scodova
Mixing and Mastering: Paul R. Scodova
Executive Producer: Brian T. Murphy
Project Management: Bradley N. Cordell
Graphic Design and layout: Kory Westerhold
Photography: Kory Westerhold, Frank Price


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